The Company

In 1954, upon his return from Switzerland where he had been working as a carpenter, Giuseppe Bensa decided to purchase some plots of land, as well as a house to use as a tavern where he could serve the wines he produced.

In 1985, sons Giorgio and Nicolò chose to undertake a different kind of business venture; they decided to start bottling the wine that they already sold loose and dedicating heart and soul to wine growing and establishing the “La Castellada” estate, which takes its name from one of the Oslavia hills.

In 2009 they were joined by Matteo and Stefano, Nicolò’s sons

Of the 10 hectares of vineyards that make up the estate, half are 45/55 years old and have around 3000/3500 plants per hectare with a production of 50 t/ha, as was once the custom, while the other more recent half is about 25 years old and has 5500/6000 plants per hectare with a lower yield of 50 t/ha, thus achieving optimal ripening and concentrations.

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This land, together with the cool and breezy air from the nearby Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, create a microclimate that makes it possible for the company to work with natural methods to obtain complex, structured wines offering great territorial expression.