The local area

Oslavia, at 180 m above sea level, is a small corner of Collio criss-crossed by vineyards, situated on the hills surrounding Gorizia, close to the border with Slovenia.

A border area with constant movement, which saw the passage of Slavic, Germanic and Latin populations, it was tormented by historical events: In actual fact it was here that the First World War had one of its most important fronts and bearing witness to this bloody past is the Sacrario Militare, a Military Memorial built in 1938 to house the remains of 58,000 Italian and Austrian soldiers.

The soil is made up of stratified submarine marl and sandstone sediments (known locally as Ponca, or technically as flysch) of Eocene origin, which drives the roots of the vines to reach deep down to search for the water and minerals needed to support them.

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This land, together with the cool and breezy air from the nearby Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, create a microclimate that makes it possible for the company to work with natural methods to obtain complex, structured wines offering great territorial expression.

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